Impact of Giving

Scholarship funding makes a critical difference to those who otherwise may not be able to fulfill their dream of a college education. Your scholarship gift can have a life changing impact on a deserving student.

For example, please consider the story of the student whose parents emigrated from Haiti with only two dollars in their pocket. These parents sought a better life for their children, and with the aid of scholarship money, this student is receiving a college education, which will allow her to achieve her life goals and help her family as well.

Scholarship funding has helped the aspiring nurse whose drug-addicted mother was incarcerated and was being raised by her elderly grandparents.

It has made the critical difference to the student who, because of serious family medical issues, was unable to pursue her dream of being a teacher until she received a scholarship to complete her education.

The need is great, but the impact of scholarships on these students is greater. It is this kind of impact that inspires, excites, and energizes our academic community.

We invite you to join us by making a scholarship gift that will allow a deserving student to come to Felician. One by one each of our scholarship donors can give a gifted student the opportunity to literally change the world.

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