Memorial & Honorarium Donations

Memorial donations are the perfect way to honor the life of a deceased family member or friend. Felician University offers donors numerous ways to memorialize or honor an individual. Donors can choose to contribute to an existing scholarship or program, start an endowed scholarship, make a donation to the tree of life, or simply contribute to our annual fund. To make a memorial or honorarium donation in the name of a family, friend, or other revered patron please contact Maura DeNicola at  or at 201-355-1433.


The Tree of Life

The Tree of Life honors those who have made a significant impact on the Felician University community by making lasting contributions to the school. Through these generous donations, we have been able to help students achieve new levels of success while embedding Franciscan values in their everyday life. An engraved message is inscribed on each leaf, apple, or stone to honor, commemorate, or memorialize those who have had a significant meaning in your life. The Tree of Life is located on the main floor of Obal Hall. If you are interested in making a donation to the tree of life and having someone honored or memorialized, please Contact Maura DeNicola at  or at 201-355-1433. 



November: Month of Remembrance - Thirty Days of Prayer

During the month of November as we give thanks,  we are most grateful for your generosity to and interest in Felician University. In keeping with the tradition of praying for you and your loved ones in our daily Mass and prayers, please know that throughout the month of November, your deceased family members and friends hold a special place in our thoughts and prayers. In each Mass celebrated by the members of the Felician University community, our deceased alumni, benefactors, friends, and relatives will be especially remembered.

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