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Scholarships make the critical difference to many students who otherwise would not be able to realize their dream of a college education. About 86% of our students receive some type of financial assistance in grants, loans, work-study programs, and merit-based and need-based scholarship awards. However, sources of federal and state assistance  for many grant and scholarship programs have suffered in the recent economic downturn and have not kept pace with the rising costs of education. Donors like you can alleviate some of the economic hardships facing Felician students by providing much-needed scholarship funding.

Why support scholarships?Change a Life

Your scholarship gift enhances access, academic quality and cultural & ethnic diversity. Supporting scholarships is of vital importance to keep the cost of education down while also attracting and retaining the best and brightest students. Access to a well-rounded Felician education often starts or ends with the ability to afford tuition, fees, books, room & board, and daily living expenses. Financial assistance has been proven to be one of the greatest influences on student recruitment and retention. This is how you, as a donor, can make an immediate difference in the life of a student.

Types of Scholarships

We offer two types of scholarship awards in the Advancement department: endowed scholarships and restricted scholarships (if you are looking for other types of scholarships – i.e. freshman academic scholarships please visit the financial aid page.) Both types provide financial relief for students and their families. Restricted Scholarships are usually restricted to a certain area of the college, i.e. The Nursing Program or Masters of Arts & Religious Education, and are not always available every year. Endowed Scholarships are based on disbursements and are self-supporting to make sure the fund remains intact for years to come. Please check out our endowment page if you are interested in learning more about how endowed scholarships work, and why endowed scholarships provide a steady and reliable stream of support.

As a donor you have the option to add to an existing scholarship or start a new one. If you are interested in donating to an already established scholarship fund, we recommend you peruse this list and choose the program you are most interested in.

Whether you choose to support an endowed scholarship or restricted scholarship, you are making a world of difference in a student's life.

If you are interested in founding an endowed scholarship or starting a restricted scholarship please contact Shelley Tonner, Senior Director of Institutional Advancement, at or at 201-355-1431.




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