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A gift pledge is a promise to support Felician University. A donor making a pledge is making a future commitment to the university. Pledges are recognized in two ways, verbal pledges (usually via the Phonathon) and written pledges. After a verbal or written pledge is made, a pledge payment schedule will be set up for the donor. Pledge Payment schedules are flexible, and can be done in any number of ways, such as annually, quarterly, and monthly.

The Office of Institutional Advancement records verbal and written pledges; both types of pledges, whether its Annual or Capital designated, are passed on to the Treasurer’s Office. The amount of the pledge recorded represents what the donor personally plans to contribute to. This does not include any matching gifts from the donor’s employer, additional matching companies, or payments made through a donor advised fund. Donors cannot obligate a company to match his/her gifts, however they can make a request for gifts to be matched, and we encourage you to do so. Any matching gift revenue received from a company can be designated to the fund of the donor’s choice.  

Requirements for Making a Pledge

It is important for a pledge form to be filled out completely to ensure accurate processing. In order for OIA to book a pledge, all of the following criteria must be submitted:

  • Copy of signed donor agreement (required by the IRS for major gifts)
  • Total Amount of Pledge
  • Pledge Payment Schedule
  • Designation of Funds
  • Opt-in/Opt-out of pledge reminder notices


Are you an employee at Felician and interested in making a pledge?

Faculty and Staff giving is critical to Felician's commitment in providing an excellent education and providing suitable facilities for our students. Faculty and staff can enlist in payroll deduction which will allow you to make payments directly to the fund of your choice in conjunction with the payroll cycle. Payroll pledges renew automatically, and are receipted in January for the prior calendar year.


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